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Q: What do I need to bring in with me for a diagnosis and/or repair?
A: Depends. If you have a laptop that need to be checked, bring it in. If you have a desktop that need to be checked, bring in your tower. No cords, or monitors required.

Q: My computer is running slow, what will it take to fix it?
A: It varies. Most of the time this takes heavy maintenance, disinfection, sometimes hardware upgrades.

Q: I got a virus! I thought my Anti-Virus was supposed to protect me, what do I do?
A: Sometimes a virus CAN sneak past your anti-virus if you have poor protection OR if the virus is stronger than any of the anti-virus programs out there. Also, there are other things that can be mistaken for a virus. These are called “Maleware” and “Spyware”. Bring in your PC or Laptop and we can disinfect OR re-install your O.S.

Q: My computer won’t boot, can I get my data back?
A: In MOST cases it IS possible to retrieve your data as long as your hardware is ok.

Q: My laptop screen is broken, can it be repaired?
A: No it cannot be repaired, however we CAN replace it!

Q: My computer flashes a blue-screen, can this be fixed?
A: Yes. Most of the time this is due to a virus, or bad hardware